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Membership Fee Code

The annual membership fee is $0.00. As prescribed by non-profit regulations, the fee can be changed by vote. If a member wants to change the fee, e.g. to finance a joint project, the Board requires the member to submit an application to the General Assembly in 2017, in 2019 or in 2021 etc. and get consent of the majority of members. Before any change in membership fees becomes effective, all members will have time to discuss it and to cancel their membership if they do not accept a change of fees. So far, there are no applications to change fees.

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本人在此申请加入大学 出版社国际协会,成为会员。大学出版社国际协会目前的会员费为$ 0.00美元。

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本人已阅读并同意大 学出版社国际协会的章程


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Bylaws (English translation)

(English translation)


§ 1
Name, Headquarters and Purpose

1.1    The name of the Association is „Association of University Presses“ (also “International Association of University Presses”). It shall be registered with the Register of Associations. After the Registration “r.a.” (registered Association) is added to the Association’s name.
1.2    The Association has its headquarters in Bochum, Germany.
1.3    The purpose of the Association is to foster science, scholarship, research and teaching, especially in the field of University Presses worldwide.
1.4    The purpose of the Association will be realized especially through the following means:
1.4.1    Exchange of experience and cooperation between University Presses worldwide
1.4.2    Conservation and (inclusive) activation of the variety and diversity of University Presses (for example are University Presses in the United States often part of the university, have specialized on different areas of expertise and decide on publication depending on the quality of the manuscript, not depending on the affiliation of the author; in Europe University Presses often are part of university libraries (with the duty to publish all doctoral theses of the university) or private-sector starbusts from universities with extremely different experiences and interests)
1.4.3    Utilization of synergies in order to support the work of University Presses

§ 2
Charitable Status

2.1    The Association solely pursuits charitable objectives in the sense of the chapter „tax-priviledged purposes“ of the German Fiscal Code. The Association acts self-lessly. It is not an organization which primarily pursues profits, but is non-profit. Funds of the Association may only be used for statutory purposes. Members are not eligible to receive funds from the Association.
2.2    No natural person and no legal entity is allowed to benefit with disproportionally high amounts or for a purpose not adhering to the purpose as outlined in §1.

§ 3
Membership and Fees

3.1    Everybody who has registered as a member at the founding day of the Association and their legal successors are automatically members. They cannot be excluded from membership at any later time.
3.2    Except from the founding members mentioned under 3.1, every fully contractually capable natural person who is employed by a University Press and every legal entity, which is a University Press or is a regional or otherwise categorized Network/Association of University Presses, is eligible to apply in written form for membership, as long as this person is willing to support the Association’s purpose as defined in 1.3. „University Press“ means here any part of a university or any legal entity, which does not only carry the term „University Press“ in its name, but also publishes overwhelmingly scientific/scholarly results by university members or graduates. The Board decides on the application within a reasonable time period, which is to be determined by the Board. The different nature of a University Press from the nature of other University Presses is no valid reason to deny a membership application. The breach of the purposes and/or the active/passive/conniving discrimination against another University Press or another member due to his/her difference is a valid reason to deny the membership application. The denial of a membership application is final and does not have to be justified.
3.4    Every member commits itself to an annual payment of a membership fee. The amount and due date of the annual fee is defined by the Board. Details can be found in the Membership Fee Code.

§ 4
End of the Membership Status

4.1    The membership ends with a voluntary withdrawal, exclusion, natural death or dissolution (e.g. insolvency) of a legal entity.
4.2    A withdrawal has to be declared to the Board in written form.
4.3    A member referred to in § 3.2 can be excluded from the Association any time, with the exclusion being effective immediately, if it violates grossly against the interests of the Association or for any other important reason.
4.4    The exclusion of members referred to in § 3.2 will be decided by the Board. The different nature of a University Press is not a valid reason for exclusion. The breach of the purposes and/or the active/passive/conniving discrimination against another University Press or another member due to his/her difference is a valid reason for exclusion. An exclusion is final and does not need to be justified.

§ 5
The Bodies of the Association

5.1    The Bodies of the Association are the General Assembly and the Board.

§ 6
The Board

6.1    The Board consists of the President (function: 1 Chair), and a maximum of two Associate Presidents (function: 2nd/3rd Chairmen), the Treasurer and the Secretary, a total of at least 3, maximum 5 people.
6.2    The Board members are elected by the General Assembly for a period of 4 years. They remain in office until the election of the next Board.
6.3    The Association is represented externally by the president in the sense of § 26 of the German Civil Code.
6.4    Transactions exceeding a business value of 100,000 € are only binding for the Association with the approval of the General Assembly.
6.5    The Board is responsible to
6.5.1    conduct the daily business,
6.5.2    execute the resolutions of the General Assembly,
6.5.3    manage the Association's assets,
6.5.4    prepare the budget for each fiscal year,
6.5.5    do the accounting,
6.5.6    prepare the annual report,
6.5.7    prepare and
6.5.8    convene the General Assembly.
6.6    As far as decisions have to be notarized for the Association, they will be notarized.
6.7    Members may be appointed Honorary President with a representative function, without changes in their membership status.

§ 7

7.1    The General Assembly elects two Auditors who are not Board Members, for a term of two years. They check at the end of each fiscal year the computational accuracy of the account and fiscal management.
7.2    The Auditors report to the next General Assembly.

§ 8
General Assembly, Duties, Calling

8.1.    The General Assembly’s duties are:
8.1.1    the election and the dismissal of the Board Members,
8.1.2    the election of the Auditors,
8.1.3    the approval of the annual budget prepared by the Board for the following fiscal year,
8.1.4    the acceptance of the annual report and the formal approval of the Board’s action,
8.1.5    the fixing of the height and due date of the annual membership fee and
8.1.6    the decision-making about changes of the bylaws,
8.2    All members are entitled to participate in the General Assembly.
8.3    The Regular Assembly is conducted at least once every two years. The Board calls the members by written invitation at least three days in advance. The invitation shall include the agenda as well as the topics prepared for decision at the Assembly.
8.4    The members at the Assembly decide with simple majority by raising one’s hand. Upon application the election is secret. A change of the Bylaws needs at least ¾ of the votes.
8.5    The decisions of the General Assembly are recorded in writing and they are signed by the Secretary.

§ 9
Exceptional Assembly

9.1    An Exceptional Assembly can be called, if this seems necessary to serve the interests of the Association, or if the call is requested by at least 1/10 of the members in written form from the Board, including the reasons for the call. In urgent cases, the Exceptional Assembly can decide upon changes of the Bylaws.

§ 10
Dissolution of the Association, Liquidators

10.1    The Dissolution of the Association happens through membership withdrawal of at least as many members, that the total number of members falls below the minimum number of members for Associations, which is 7.
10.2    In the case of dissolution of the Association and in the case of loss of the charitable status the remaining funds are donated to the “European Science & Scholarship Association r.a.” in coordination with the fiscal authorities.
10.3    The President and the Secretary will be appointed as Liquidators.

Passed by the General Assembly, Bochum, October 14, 2013, see Assembly transcript.
Revised by the General Assembly, Bochum, November 21, 2013, see Assembly transcript.